Monday, June 21, 2010

Thoughts on Scrapbooking Simply

With summer time approaching and lots of memories being made, there is opportunity to preserve these special moments through scrapbooking.   Scrapbooking should be enjoyable and stress - free. I found this article at and thought it was well worth sharing:

Myths about Simple Scrapbooks

If you’ve convinced yourself that every scrapbook page you create needs to be a work of art, it’s time to debunk some of common myths about simple scrapbooking. For example:

  * Simple equals boring. A simple scrapbook offers a clean, sophisticated, and elegant way to put the focus on your family’s memories. What’s boring about that?
  * Simple is for beginners. Implementing a philosophy of simple scrapbooking lets you get more pages done in a shorter amount of time. Simplicity isn’t for beginners, but it is a smart move for anyone interested in efficiency.
  * Simple doesn’t leave room for fun. If you love to shop for new scrapbook supplies, you may find yourself wondering how simple scrapbooks leave room for creative exploration. However, it’s still possible to experiment with trends on your layouts. You’ll just need to present them in a streamlined way. 

Streamline Your Scrapbooking

What makes a simple scrapbook? Generally, a simple layout is one that can be completed in less than one hour using little or no advanced crafting techniques. In fact, many simple scrapbookers describe their philosophy of scrapbooking with the phrase, “It’s just pictures, paper, and glue.”

To make scrapbooking seem like less of a chore, try implementing the following ideas on your layouts:

  * Cardstock or simple patterned paper backgrounds
  * Designs inspired by layout sketches
  or photo grids
  * Pages that use only your best photos from an event – even if that means creating a single photo layout
  * Black and white photos to allow for maximum flexibility in choosing color schemes
  * No matting on photos
  * Minimal embellishments, with a preference for stickers, rub-ons, brads, and other easy-to-use accents
  * Journaling typed in an easy-to-read font and given prominent placement on the page 

Another key component of simple scrapbooking is the non-chronological approach to creating an album. Instead of spending your time putting all of your photos in order, try working on whatever happens to inspire you at a particular moment. Don’t worry about remembering when a particular event took place, simply focus on the feelings and emotions behind the photo. Aim to create a family storybook, not a timeline of events. When you create a simple scrapbook, you magnify the moments of everyday life. 

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