Sunday, June 27, 2010

AHH! Messy Desk aka Danger Zone!

I always amaze myself at the "creation" on my desk after I complete a project. Isn't it amazing? (insert disgusted face here)

Why do I not see this during the matter of production??? Can any of you relate?

I am way too tired to tackle this tonight....  See you in the morning!

(wishing you sweet dreams and hopes that you don't have nightmares after seeing this mess!)

Thanks for lovin' me anyway ;)!---Lisa


Jeanette said...

It is amazing that we can create under these piles. Asmuch as I dislike the messes I seems to make them anyway and put off the clean up until later. This is not a nightmare ness for me.

Big Apple Jovi Girl said...

Actually I didn't think it was that bad at all ... LOL. I have seen much much worse ... including my own crafting table! But yes, its amazing how we can create at all amidst the chaos. :-)