Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Version of the Thoroughly Modern Notepad Folder

There are several versions of this nifty little folder and I must tell you that my basic dimensions were "borrowed" from directions I found elsewhere on the web but originally came from Stampin' Up! This little folder was pictured in the August Stampin' Success, a publication exclusively for Stampin' Up! Demonstrators. I wanted to create it with an alternate closure (other than Velcro) and so my dear husband helped me with this snazzy little way to use our Jumbo Eyelets and Ribbon.
Notepad Folder Instructions

Supplies needed: Thoroughly Modern File Folders (115692), Jumbo Eyelets (108431), Soft Suede Polka Dot Grosgrain (115612)—approx. 26”, Sticky Strip (104294), 5x8 notepads, Crop-A-Dile

1. Open folder so that you are looking at the inside. Label tab on right hand side.
2. Cut 2 ¾” off left side.
3. Cut off excess (about ¼”) along the bottom edge of the other side. (One side of the folder is ¼” longer than the other.)
4. Cut ½” off the right side measured from straight edge not label tab.
5. Score on right side at 6” and 6 ½” from the center fold.
6. Score horizontally 3 1/8” up from bottom edge.
7. Cut notch in bottom right corner where 3 1/8” horizontal score meets 6” vertical score line. This transforms the right side into a pocket for the notebook.
8. Fold up bottom edge. I carefully used my bone folder to make good folds. Close and crease along that center fold line and the 6 and 6 ½” fold lines as well.
9. Use sticky strip to secure along right and left side of pocket.
10. Measure up 1” from bottom and ½” and 1 ¼” from edge of front and back cover (the back cover edge is at the 6” score mark) and make a pencil mark.
11. Use Crop-A-Dile (largest hole punch) on lower edge of front and back to punch on markings. Do not punch through folded edge.
12. Set Jumbo eyelets using a Crop A Dile.
13. Insert ribbon beginning on outside front of first eyelet. Lace back through the next eyelet wrap ribbon around, then go in and out of the back two eyelets.
14. Cut out a 1 ¼” square off the chipboard backing of your notepad. This will enable you to insert your notepad and it fit into the pocket around the eyelets.
15. Tie your folder closed. You may personalize your folder if you wish. I liked the clean look of the pretty folder itself.
Enjoy! Would make a great gift! I’ve used mine quite a bit already... very durable!

E-mail me if you have questions!---Lisa :)
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nelliemaeii said...

I love the eyelets and ribbon at the bottom. These are great notebooks!

Lisa (lakind) said...

Very cool project, Lisa! What a great hubby for helping you out with your crafting!

Rose said...

Very cool, Lisa! The eyelets and ribbon are a great touch!